Become Dementia Aware

As well as helping local businesses to become “Dementia Friendly” we also hold FREE workshops for anyone who would like to learn more about dementia.

These awareness sessions are held periodically throughout the year and you’ll also find us at local events where we’re always happy to talk to you about our work.

We will always promote our sessions on the main website for Dementia Friendly Kent -  Of course if you’d like to help us in anyway at all, no matter how much or little, please get in touch.

With support, people with dementia can and do take an active role in life.

Across Kent, many of our towns and villages are exploring what they need to do to become “Dementia Friendly” and Sevenoaks has a passionate team working to help Sevenoaks become a Dementia Friendly Community.

There are things that we can all do as a community, group, agency or business to allow people living with dementia to live well and safely.

It is important to look at how we can best enable our friends, neighbours, customers, employees and family to continue to live their lives well when affected by dementia.

Groups and Organisations

Sevenoaks Area Dementia Friendly Community is encouraging local businesses, services and any other organisations to be recognised as “Working to become Dementia Friendly”.

Applying to be recognised is simple – each organisation needs to pledge what actions they will take within the year to work towards becoming Dementia Friendly and submit it to their local Forum.  Once approved, they will be able to display and use the “Working to become a Dementia Friendly Kent” logo on their own leaflets/brochures/website and will also be listed on the Dementia Friendly Kent website.  Sevenoaks Area DFC will support and review the organisation’s progress toward their goals.

Advice and support is available free of charge to those wishing to become involved in the initiative.  Any group, organisation, club or society of any size can apply.  Please contact us to find out more.

For further information:

Telephone: 01732 441098 or 01732 759854

Email: or

Working to Become Dementia Friendly Recognition

We are happy to help you with this - follow the links to the relevant documentation required for the process. Please note, if you are a health or social care organisation then you are required to complete the Health or Social Care Application which has more detailed criteria.

Working to Become Dementia Friendly Introduction Page -

Health & Social Care Organisations - (must be done online)

Businesses and Organisations - (or download the application form from the below links)

le document links:

DAA The Dementia We Statements

DEEP Guide Language

National Dementia Declaration

WKDAA Recognition Process

WTBDF Information Leaflet

WTBDF SADFC Application for Businesses and Organisations